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Hello there visitors, it's been a (looong) while. ^^;;;;;
After what was mostly procrastination due to laziness, I'm finally updating with a new look and new icons; so, without further ado, let's proceed.

The new look is an advanced divs layout simply called Love preppy, because it features a preppy header; I ordered this on Sydney's Lushvibes webstore a few weeks ago, after all my attempts at making at decent header like this failed, and I adore the result - the header is beyond gorgeous. ♥

Now for the additions: I only managed to make 8 new icons - because lately my icon muse has been not just silent but pretty much dead and buried - with 6x nature and the other 2 stock; I'll try to make some more next time, in the meantime enjoy this mini-batch.

Have to go now, as I have to call my aunt to agree on which day of next week (or the week after) I have to to go to her sea town cottage.
See you on next update; many cheers. XOXO

Posted on Aug 11 2017 - 0 shadows

CMS Switched

[EDITED ON 07.13] So much for updating in 10 days, but life has been a nightmare....anyway. I've just ordered Shadowed Icons's next look from Lushvibes' webstore so, if not new icons, you can count on a new version coming pretty soon. ^^;; Stay tuned; cheers. xoxo [EDITED]

[EDITED ON 06.09] Just a quick edit to let you know an update is gonna come soon (should be around 7-10 days), so stay tuned for it. Cheers. xoxo [EDITED]

Hi there, I'm already back. ^.^
The blogging script has already been switched (from Cutenews to FusionNews) and comment moderation is enabled, so no spam comments will actually show up on the site.

I have no new icons to add because I wanted to get the site "back on track" as soon as I could, but they will come soon; as for now, the site can only count the 32 icons it had on its opening, categorized as follows.
  • 17x nature
  • 10x stock (objects and such).
  • 3x celebrities
  • 2x tv shows.
I got a bunch of bases sitting on my hdd and I'm itching to work on them, so stay tuned for the new avatars.

Have to go now, for I wanna watch Snowpiercer with Chris Evans and Jamie Bell - I watched some trailers and it looks awesome.
See you on next update; many cheers. XOXO

Posted on May 25 2017 - 0 shadows