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So let's shed some light

Shadowed Icons is Sky Ninja's icon corner and was born when I decided the icons deserved their own showcase.
The site name was a struggle as I wanted a site name somehow related to Sky Ninja, so I checked every synonim of ninja and shinobi...and in the end I went with the simpler is better route, choosing one of the first things associated with ninja: the shadows; ninja are warriors, assassins and spies, they always work concealing their presence in the shadows. Luckily I was able to get a proper tld domain for the site and, thanks to Squidix's hosting service as well, Shadowed Icons was born. ♥

Site name :: Shadowed Icons.
Webmaster :: Ana (Annalisa).
Hosting :: Squidix.
Open Since ::March 13, 2017.
Best view :: Mozilla Firefox with a 1280x800 resolution or higher.

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old versions

All the previous disguises

Here are all the previous looks of Shadowed Icons, from oldes to newest.