Finally back!!

On 06.01.2018  ||  0 shades

Hello there, and sorry for the long awol time. ^^;;;
Bringing Shadowed Icons back took way longer than expected, but the site is finally back; nothing is changed - I had hoped to bring you a new look, but nothing came out right enough to be used and uploaded.

Then there was the Cutenews he*l - no matter what, I couldn't get Cutenews to work on the site: I first tried the latest version (2.1.2), but cPanel said the folder contained a virus and wouldn't let me install it; then I tried Cutenews 1.5.4...login was fine, but I couldn't modify the script's settings (comments, CK Editor, time zone, etc.); so I gave up and went with FusionNews - which didn't disappoint as usual. So here I am.

I really got nothing more to say, and I wanna go watch "The Conjuring 2".
See you all on next entry; cheers. XOXO